We are at CloudTalk Global Event!

In this article, we will talk about the CloudTalk event. CloudTalk is an invaluable event that is held every year, keeping the pulse of the sector with the participation of thousands of participants and companies from across the world; where you can provide direct access to the companies, which also provides very important speakers to participate and you can ask questions live.

What is CloudTalk?

Briefly, CloudTalk is Eurasia’s hugest digital technologies meeting panel and workshop, which gathers people who are interested in informatics as amateur or professional every year under the same roof.

CloudTalk is one of the must-have-attend seminars that professionals attend and aim to learn more about cloud technologies and other digital technologies, also want to become aware of the industry.

What Kind of Event is CloudTalk and What is Our Place as a dalnet?

2020 CloudTalk and CloudTalk Online will be an event that will host 20 different countries, over a thousand exhibitors and more than two thousand guests. The event will be held more than forty sessions that will be held simultaneously in three different thematic halls with one of the best speakers in each country and have special workshops and commercial communication network meetings.

As dalnet, we are among the CloudTalk Platinum sponsors this year in order to transform and improve the Cloud sector in our country, with our conviction that we are no different from other countries and that we can be better!

During the event, you can reach us instantly on the CloudTalk Online Matchmaking Summit platform! We will be waiting for you with our little surprises.

Clould Talk Etkinliği
Clould Talk


CloudTalk Event is When and Where?

CloudTalk Global Online and Live will take place on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, you can visit https://cloudtalksummit.online for more detailed information!

Which professions does the list of participants in this event consist of?

In addition to those who are especially curious about the sector, many professional IT professionals in the field such as C-Level Managers, Information Technology Specialists, Information Technology Consultants, Network Managers, System Managers, Security Managers, Developers, Software Developers, Product Managers, Sales and Business Development Managers technology professionals are expected to participate.

Who are the spokespersons from our country and abroad?

Cloud Future Hall – CXO Vision Hall – dalnet DevOps & Admin Hall – RADIX Web Tech Future Hall – ICANN Domain Halls will have over 50 speakers in total.

In the Dalnet DevOps & Admin hall, our general manager Fikri Dal will make an extensive presentation on the improvements about the dalnet and Static and Dynamic CDN between 16.45 – 17.15.

Also, among the speakers;
Solution Architect Yusuf Yildiz from LINBIT
Microsoft Azure Platform and Hybrid Cloud Group Director Cuneyt Batmaz from Microsoft Turkey
Top-Level Employee Technology Officer (CTO) Daron Yontem from BluTV
Ling Chen, Sales Director for Middle East and Africa from Aliba Cloud
Jeniffer Taylor, Head of Product Management from CloudFlare Company, and many more will be present at the fair as speakers.

So Whom are Expected to Attend?

Of course, first Cloud Service Providers, Medium and Large Sized Information Technology Companies, Data Center Companies, Hosting and Domain Companies, Internet Service Providers and Telecommunication Companies, SaaS Companies, System Integrators, Software Dealers, which will provide plenty of employment, are necessary for the country’s economy and many companies that address the needs of people will take part in this fair.

Why is CloudTalk Important?

If we examine the countries in the world that have advanced and strengthened on the basis of technology, we can easily say that the reason for this is the information sector. An informatics sector that serves a wide audience and field, can instantly turn an investment into profit. A country that wants to prove its presence and to have an impact on other countries must have proven its power in technological and economic terms. At this point, the fact that the IT sector makes a profit with little investment is an important turning point; contrary to belief, it is not companies that require high capital and profitability targets to develop a country, but those who do not need to invest high amounts such as the IT sector, even those who need it, appeal to numerous sectors with knowledge and production. When we look at the 1990s, although the world was in a recession, if the USA continued to develop and grow, it was because of the innovations it made in the field of science and technology, so while other countries deal with unemployment and inflation, they reduced unemployment and reduced inflation. Currently, in the entire world many companies’ endorsements cover millions of dollars but there is no firm in our country to reach these numbers. So taking a closer look at the industry with CloudTalk is an important fair as the latest advances in technology will define the place of the Cloud factor in the coming years and focus on a dozen more topics such as server monitoring, data center transformation and cloud backup.

What are the services we provide as dalnet?

In addition to our Data Center services, we offer web hosting, server rental and domain name registration services, SSL and Licensing services.

As dalnet, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction first. By dint of our highly qualified data center and cloud solutions, we provide 24/7 consistent, friendly support with Proactive support services.

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